7 reasons why you should try Hot Stone Massage

Man massaged by hot stone therapistThe most famously known conditions people have before coming in for a stone massage are: Stress, anxiety, back pain & aches, depression, insomnia, bad blood circulation and arthritis. If you suffer from any of these conditions, you should think about this therapy!



Why pick stone massage over traditional massage?

In a calming atmosphere, this therapeutic massage will bring you to a state of wellbeing. The way the heated stones are strategically placed helps remove any tension or pain you may have. If you are stressed out or if you feel depressed, this therapy is what you need.
People often hesitate between the traditional and the Stone massage. If you suffer from muscle tension and you prefer a lighter technique, go for the stone massage. Deep pressure is not used in this case as the heat from the stones relaxes your muscles, which gives the therapist the opportunity to use less pressure.


11 Benefits of Stone Massage

Stone massages can use hot stones as well as cold stones.

7 Hot Stone Massage benefits

  • Reduces your stress level
  • Relieves muscle pain
  • Relaxes the muscles
  • Eliminates toxins quickly
  • Improves blood circulation and increases your blood supply
  • Helps with fatigue
  • Relaxes physically and mentally

4 Cold Stone Massage benefits

  • Soothes irritation
  • Helps your body cool down if it is very warm
  • Helps in the case of sinusitis
  • Refreshes as well as stimulates the mind


What happens during a Stone Massage session

The Stone massage resembles the traditional one. The stones are heated or frozen before your arrival. Then the therapist massages relaxing oils onto your back and legs. The stones are then used as an extension to the therapist’s hands as well as placed on your body on the main pressure points. The process is repeated a couple of times until you turn over. Then your hands & arms are massaged, leaving the neck, head and face as the final parts to be worked on with precious care by a specialist. As for all massages, you will feel relaxed and stimulated during your stone therapy.


What is Hot Stone massage and its origins

Heated smooth rocks are placed on specific key points of your body. In some cases these stones are also used to massage with.

This type of massage is used to improve your overall wellness. This technique dates back to ancient times, but wasn’t very common at the time. Mary Nelson, an Arizona massage therapist introduced her own massage technique she called LaStone Therapy. Since then, the Hot Stone massage has become popular.
Massage therapists and spas now have their own version of the Stone massage. Each therapist will now have his/her own technique.


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