Simple steps to Positive Thinking

In this blog post we will look at the steps one can take in order to lead a more positive lifestyle.  Increased study into the area of positive thinking reveals wide ranging benefits. Researchers have found thinking positively can increase a person’s sense of value. This increased sense of value can be attributed to greater work ethic and persistence. Let’s look at some simple steps, which will enable you to become a positive thinker.




Meditation can be used to relax the mind and reduce stress. In recent years meditation has increased massively in popularity. There is a wide range of differing techniques and methods that can be implemented when practicing meditation. Reflexion and contemplation enables its participants to enjoy an increased sense of wellbeing. Many major corporations recognize the benefits of meditation. Google is one such organisation. Google now offers its staff free morning meditation classes. If you are interested in this practice please see one of our practitioners.


Rest and recover


Rest is very important when trying to lead a more positive lifestyle. Allowing your body enough time to rest and recover from an arduous day, can be the key difference when forming a positive mentality. Lack of effective rest and quality sleep has proven to have detrimental effects. Lack of sleep can actually be quite dangerous. Studies suggest that if the appropriate amount of sleep is not attained, it can result in heart diseases and diabetes.  On the other hand, Good quality sleep can increase concentration and productivity. Improved sleeping patterns can improve your mood, allowing you to feel more positive and upbeat. The recommended sleep time for adults aged between 27 and 60 is between 7 and 9 hours sleep a night. Sleep well and stay positive.



FunPlay is very important for adults. Increasing workloads and growing stress levels can often lead to negative stressful thinking. Partaking in fun hobbies and exciting pastimes allows adults to relax and enjoy themselves. Hobbies such as sport, allow adults to stay positive. Partaking in adventures pastimes such as hiking, is crucial for positive thinking. Recent studies show adults that schedule time for fun and playful activity, reduce their stress levels, and improve brain functioning and boost creativity. Allow yourself to enjoy the benefits of play and adventure. Scheduling time for play is one of the key steps toward attaining a positive mind frame.




It is very important that we pursue a positive way of thinking.  Increased stressful working conditions, means that a positive mentality has never been more beneficial. Positive thinking has proven to be beneficial for many people.  These steps outlined in the above blog are designed to help you on your search for positive thinking. Remember to meditate, get plenty of rest and always seek adventure and play.