Why the Body Acid-Alkaline Balance is the best thing for you

The acid-alkaline balance is in vogue again. You might have heard about it on the health news or from celebrities’ diets. In fact, balance is very important for any kind of life and we all learned it in school biology. Why though is alkaline pH in your body so important for your health?

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Alkaline pH
In order to understand its importance, we first need to understand what pH is and its function. pH (potential hydrogen) is a numeric scale used to specify the acidity of a body, substance or solution. It varies from 1 to 14, with 7 as the middle, or the neutral point. Anything below 7 means that the acidity increases, whilst anything above 7 acidity decreases. This is a logarithmic scale though in which two adjacent values increase or decrease by a factor of 10.

In order to function properly, our pH varies throughout our body for many reasons. Stomach, for example, needs to be more acidic due to its digestive function, while your skin needs to be only slightly acidic, which helps your body to keep bacteria away.

Your blood is the most important measurement for your health, which must be just slightly alkaline (pH between 7.365 and 7.45). The blood is essential for any part of our bodies as much as its pH levels. Minor changes in pH blood levels affects our body immediately. Continuously imbalanced pH blood contributes to overwhelming our body and potentially leading to serious disease.

Here lies a secret. A balanced alkaline diet helps our body to keep its pH levels. However, our standard daily diet is rich in acidic substances because it is often derived from processed food or refined sugar. Remember: healthy food creates healthy cells, whilst unhealthy food makes our bodies work harder to keep its balance and overall health.

Alkaline Diet PH Scale

2 Simple ways to help your body keep its pH balance

• Drink enough water to stay hydrated
Drink enough water throughout the day. You could even start your day with lemon water. Lemon is a citric fruit, but is a natural alkaline food too and inside our body it is alkaline. So, try to get into the habit of drinking a glass of lemon water every day.

• Eat healthily
Eating healthier not only gives your body the nutrients it needs, but also provides it with the nutrients in their best form. Try to adopt a balanced and healthy daily diet including raw foods, green juices and if possible organic food.

Balanced Body pH and its benefits
Better skin elasticity
Deeper and better sleep
Boosts physical energy, immune system
Reduces flu viruses and infections
Improves digestive and circulatory systems
Helps skeletal and respiratory systems
Improves mental health
Strengthens nails, hair, teeth, gums, nerves
Facilitates losing weight
Hydrates the lymph system
Prevents cancer